Penomet vs Bathmate: Who Is The Best?

aving shopped around for the past year for an answer to my problem of the size and premature ejaculation, you certainly come across a few fly by night companies. One of which is Penomet. Having read reviews and their own star rating on their comparison page I truly believed them. I tried this product at the beginning of my journey and wish that I hadn’t. Not only did it not work but it made me have a very sore and I suffered with a painful Penis for days. And yes I had used it correctly. So I decided to try some of their competitors, Oh how I wish I had done this originally.

In my humble opinion there is only one Penis Pump that works for me and that is Bathmate and I am sorry Penomet, but Bathmate get a resounding 5 stars from me. Bathmate is quality whereas you are not.

Bathmate scores 5 stars for how easy it is to use, 5 stars for results and a big fat 5 stars safety and if I could I would shout this from the rooftops.

I have had nothing but good results from Bathmate, it has made me feel like a real man again. No longer do I suffer from premature ejaculation and my size has improved by 2 ½ inches and I have even gained girth. Bathmate is great.

Using Penomet caused me a lot of pain that even hurt when I peed. Now I have read that others have suffered from this too, so I suppose that I am glad that I am not alone in this problem. Perhaps you could point out the downside of using your product instead of slating your competitors on your website.  I have even found some grammatical errors on your website Penomet which maybe shows your lack of attention to detail.

With Bathmate I really feel like I have a normal Penis, one that I am not ashamed by, one that I can pleasure my girlfriend with. Its an embarrassing problem, one that us men don’t want to talk about. Being a bloke it’s not something that we do with ease, us men don’t freely share our problems and certainly not about this sort of thing. We certainly don’t sit with our mates on a Friday night at the pub chatting about our problems,  in fact I think we all want to show Bravado and talk ourselves up, you know bloke chat. So hence this is why i’m writing this, you know, I can say this because you don’t know me. I think what i’m trying to say is that you don’t have to suffer in silence. You can get your problem sorted as easy as clicking on the  Bathmate website and ordering your Bathmate Pump.  And unlike Penomet paying people for reviews, im writing this as a real reviewer as Bathmate is really a great product.  Bathmate really does score 5 stars all the way for me.

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