Identifying Synonyms of Asbestos

Understanding and identifying asbestos symptoms is a must for anyone that works in removal services. Knowing the basics of the symptoms is also advisable to those that work or frequent in environments known for presenting a high risk of asbestos exposure. Older buildings, construction sites, and even automobiles that are not well maintained would be common examples of where asbestos accumulates.


And quite honestly, it never hurts for the “average person” to be aware of the symptoms of asbestos exposure because there is always a chance that an environment, no matter how nice it may look on the outside, could be filled with asbestos due to a lack of care or upkeep of the property.

How to Identify Asbestos Symptoms

One needs to be very mindful of the fact that exposure to asbestos could lead to contracting mesothelioma. A mesothelioma is a form of cancer that can affect the heart, lungs, or abdomen. This is a highly aggressive form of cancer that spreads quite quickly. If not detected as soon as possible, it can spread to advanced stages rapidly. Without effective treatment or a proper diagnosis, it is doubtful the afflicted would last much longer than a year. Expiring after only a few months is not out of the question either.

Again, this is why a basic understanding of asbestos symptoms is a must. Here is a look at the most obvious of these symptoms….

Regardless of the particular region of the body, the asbestos is afflicting two consistent symptoms would be weight loss and a loss of appetite. Obviously, these two symptoms alone would not automatically be considered indicators of a serious health disorder. But, if these two conditions are combined with other symptoms associated with asbestos exposure then a proverbial “red flag” must be raised.

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Impact of Asbestos

Asbestos commonly impacts the lungs which mean various respiratory problems may arise when the lungs have been seriously irritated. Wheezing and shortness of breath would be a clear indication that something might be wrong with the lungs. If you hear a cracking type sound in the lungs when you inhale, this would be a serious indication a major problem is present. Those that are coughing blood will need to see a doctor immediately. Coughing blood would be a strong indication that the asbestos has led to lung cancer.

Asbestos exposure can also impact the heart in a damaging way. Both heart and lung issues related to asbestos exposure could be indicated via chest tightness and chest pain. Chest pain is certainly not a symptom to take lightly. To seek qualified medical help when experiencing such pain would be well advised.

Asbestos Problems

Abdominal problems related to asbestos symptoms would be evident in the stomach region. The most common of these symptoms would be severe swelling and pain in the abdominal region. A consistent high fever could be another common symptom to experience when suffering from asbestos-induced abdominal issues. Bowel obstructions may also be common as would issues related to blood clotting. If left unchecked, abdominal related asbestos issues could lead to the onset of anemia.

When several symptoms are combined this would be a greater indication that something serious is wrong. However, it is advisable not to make any assumptions about how serious or how un-serious the condition is based on own self-assessment. Doing so could prove disastrous since making assessments on one’s own are not valid.

Only a qualified physician can make a proper diagnosis and would only do so after a batter of tests. Additionally, delaying a proper diagnosis can lead to any potential cancer spreading. With mesothelioma cancer, time is of the essence since the life expectancy for a person with untreated mesothelioma is very short. Once a correct diagnosis is made then appropriate treatment can be undertaken. Such treatment could likely prolong a person’s life. Again, the quicker such treatment is performed, the greater the odds it will be successful.

Never underestimate the severity of asbestos symptoms. What may seem like a “minor” problem could very well be a highly serious one…even life threatening one. As such, the symptoms needed to be addressed immediately. Of course, before addressing the problem, it is necessary to identify the symptoms. This can only be done if you familiarize yourself with them.

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